Curriculums, content of camps and seminars

We study, practise and teach forms learned in Wudang Mountains in Hubei Province in China. We practise the way to inner stability and external – physical comfort. For health and peace of mind. Our instructor spent 5 years and 6 months in a gongfu school in Wudang studying external Gongfu and internal disciplines like Taiji, Qigong and Meditation. After this time he moved to Daoist place for deeper self-cultivation and study about life. Here he practised different style of Gongfu, Taiji, Qigong, Meditation and also Daoist way of life including basis of Chinese Daoist Medicine.

In our school you can learn according to your physical condition and your wish. However, if the form or discipline is too difficult for you, you will be recommended more suitable form for you. If you do not know what is best for you, we help. If you have a question about anything before you come, please ask.

Please be aware, that if you come to train with us, you need to respect the coach and the rules. Respecting and obeying the rules creates the best environment for you to study and grow. Student is also required to respect other students.

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Wudang Tai Ji & Qigong

  • Wudang Wu Xing Qigong
  • Wudang Tai Chi 28 Shi
  • Wudang Tai Chi 108 Shi
  • Wudang Tai Chi 13 Shi
  • Wudang Tai Chi Jian
  • Wudang TaiYi WuXing Quan
  • Wudang TaiHe Quan

Wudang Kung Fu Forms

  • Wudang XuanWu Quan
  • Wudang FuHu Quan
  • Wudang LongHua Quan
  • Wudang XuanGong Quan 1, 2, 3
  • Wudang XuanZhen Quan
  • Wudang XinYi Quan
  • Wudang BaGua Zhang
  • Ba Ji Quan
  • Wudang JiBen Quan

Wudang Weapon Forms

  • Wudang TaiYi Xuan Men Jian
  • Wudang BaXian Jian
  • Wudang BaXian Gun
  • Wudang TaiYi FuChen
  • Wudang ZiWu Qian
  • Wudang XuanGong Dao
  • Wudang ChungQiu DaDao
  • Wudang LongHua Jian
  • Wudang Gongfu Shan